Cequana creations are for the modern woman who embraces change in personal as well as professional life. The passion that we put in, the attention to details, is the same as that of a suave leader. The outcome is a collection of attires in elegant styles, relaxed and comfortable fit, crafted in fine fabrics with high quality - creating an interesting designer wardrobe for you, without having to pay for one!

We understand the importance of dressing smart at work, especially at managerial levels. However, dressing professionally doesn't mean wearing designer suits every day. Our premium work wear collection offers elegant jackets, crisp shirts, long skirts and comfortable trousers. You will be surprised by their softness - touché doux.

The leisure wear collections will greet you with dresses that you can actually wear everyday, keeping that beautiful smile on! The more you will explore the more reasons you will discover to make Cequana yours!

Our Philosophy

Cequana believes nothing is more beautiful, and powerful, than a confident woman dressed gracefully. It's our endeavour to adorn the inner beauty inside each and every woman. This is real magic!  Evolution happens when one dares to be unconventional. Like the river goddess, Cequana flows on, bringing you new styles and fresh designs all in premium fabrics.

The collections are handpicked by the founders based on what they love to wear themselves or gift to their family & friends. All our manufacturing is focused towards quality. Cequana, is a promise for quality.