While running towards office, I realised how I forgot to take my medicines. I have this cold since days and all this rushing didn’t benefi my health too. And there was a voice in my head…my moms voice. How can you forget your medicines? Do you even care about your own self or you wanna keep running!

It’s said when you are away from things, you know their importance. I wondered - at times, she would have missed her medicines too. But there was no one to remind her. If I was in her place, if someone mistreated me, broke me emotionally and never saw me..ever? I couldn’t be sure what my reaction would be. Nobody sees her. She has no voice, no choice. Nothing! If I hug her, she needs nothing more. If I scream, she would hug me harder and listen. Unbelievable. Isn’t it ?

Woman: Greatest mystery of mankind, purest soul among all. I wonder what she’s made of? Love…care…sacrifices...strength...hope...

A woman chooses to hide in the bushes, to make others grow. She becomes quiet in order to let her brother come ahead. She sacrifices her voice in front of her father. In this modern world she is defined as an object. Yet she continues to walk! She loses her identity for her partner, leaves her home to build a new one. She is taken for granted, her struggles are never noticed, though witnessed by the whole world. Her success isn’t praised, she isn’t appreciated. The quality of unconditional love is a proof of her big heart towards everyone. She provides support and holds her family together. Works harder than the child to make him study, holds on to her husband in his journey and acts as an invisible backbone to this entire world.

Her inner beauty dictates her strength and her love reflects universal power. Like a sun she shines, burning herself to light others. So is this woman…So is her heart!