As Cequana believes, true beauty lies inside,

Clothes are but a reflection of that beauty.

If you passionately want to do something, do it. Every inspiring woman has the potential and capability. It sounds too good, too easy to be true. But that’s what it’s all about. The moment you believe in yourself and have faith in yourself, your beauty radiates out of your body like sunbeams.

When you let your true beauty come out of you, and your clothes bring out that confidence out of you, people will see the real you. They will appreciate you for who you are because not many have the courage to be who they truly are.

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream,

follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.”

Live a dream and live it all - what better way to live it than to be true to yourself. Let the true beauty inside you define you as a person.

Recognizing yourself, your workplace, your thoughts, you can be anything you choose to be. When you do that, the beauty within will radiate out like a ray of sunshine in a dark room.

Like the sun which must rise and shine every day.

And the beauty of the moon that doesn’t fade away.

Let the beauty within you be unleashed.

And conquer the world.

Every second, every day, every year.