Life has so many dimensions. It’s competitive and it’s demanding in so many ways. Women being blessed to juggle well between the roles of a professional, homemaker, wife, mother, sister and a daughter. She is capable of adding life to any relationship, making it beautiful.  

I truly believe we all need to grow, evolve and love life beyond the demands of our roles. Let’s connect to our hearts and find our true self. True self which gets camouflaged in fulfilling different roles.

Life is a greatest gift, which is smooth and tranquil once we are connected to our self, connected to our heart. For different people there are different ways of connecting with self. For me, it is Heartfulness meditation. Heartfulness is a very simple way of meditating and I had no difficulty in including this in my daily lifestyle, along with all other important household work. In no time, it expanded my boundaries in so many ways that one can just be amazed.

It has connected me with my own self. Self which is created divine and beautiful, untouched by any complexities. Self which is capable of radiating love, creating new things and creating new relationshipsHeartfulness connected me with my beautiful side.

We are all beautiful and we must find our ways of connecting with Self. Ways can be different for everyone but there is surely one for each one. Find your way, find your Beautiful Self.


About the Author: Ritu Khosla is a teacher in Pathways school, Gurugram. She is a certified yoga trainer, and a Heartfulness practitioner – a Cequana ambassador.